Homeless Stories

we are proud to be production partners for Homeless Stories and playing a part in helping change perceptions of homelessness.

Homeless Stories

The Project


Homeless Stories is a video project featuring first person accounts of men and women affected by homelessness.

The project was conceived by Glenn Cooper, Senior Director of Business Development at Universal Music and Dave Graham, Founder of Crossfire Agency, who decided to combine their experience of engaging audiences through emotive story-telling to take a different approach at raising awareness of the homelessness epidemic.

The founders of Homeless Stories are looking to humanise the issue by allowing individuals affected by homelessness to tell their own stories.

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Homeless Stories

Share It


Each of the videos will be featured across social media and video platforms, but the primary focus will be on Facebook and Instagram. The founders hope that through the power of commenting and sharing on these platforms, new audiences can be engaged on a global level, whilst also helping affect change in local communities.